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    Default WindowsUpdate_dt000 Windows Update_80070424

    Hi all,

    When I tried to update and download updates for windows through windows up date app, I get the following error message:

    Errors found Code: 80070424.

    Since having installed this OS I have had several hard ships in the area of downloads for other software I have currently installed on this computer. After the download has been completed the error message I get is; unable to complete download it is in an area which can not be changed.

    How do I fix it?

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    A Google search for this error message shows many possibilities. This appears to be related to the Update system being corrupted.

    Did you do a Clean Install or attempted an Upgrade install? I have read of MANY more problems with the Upgrade install. If this is the case I would recommend downloading the iso file again from MS, burn it to DVD, and reinstall from the DVD using the Custom (Clean) install option. This will require you to reinstall all apps as well. This will give you a much cleaner, more pristine installation.

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    Default Re: WindowsUpdate_dt000 Windows Update_80070424

    Try turning off the UAC.

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