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    Default Product key is not the right one when activating Windows 8

    Hello everyone,

    I bought Windows 8 Pro. Each time I enter my product key to activate Windows 8, It says its not the right key. This one is correct one and I dont have other key. How can I activate Windows 8? Thanks a lot!

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    Default Re: Product key is not the right one when activating Windows 8

    Are you positive that it's the right one? I'm not second guessing you, sometimes I've even entered the wrong key by mistake, or something like a "B" looked more like a "8" to me.

    If you are in fact positive that your issued key isn't working, contact MS support ASAP. Don't lose the original email with the COA (product key). There is nothing more that I can see being offered on our end. The issued key works or doesn't, we don't have (nor encourage) workarounds for this. That's why you have 90 days of support from MS, to clear up any issues that you may have.

    Best of Luck,

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    Default Re: Product key is not the right one when activating Windows 8

    Most likely the key you have is for a Windows 8 Update and can not be used on a clean install. This is what you need to do:
    1) I find it best to set SATA mode to ACHI in the BIOS as this can use TRIM and has less problems with Windows Chk Dsk (Check Disk Utility) caused by Windows 8
    2) Install WINDOWS 8
    3) Re-Install Windows 8 (take the Customise option and then the Advanced option for disk partitioning, delete the system (0) partition then the Windows 8 partition (1). Next take the option to create a new partition (Windows will also create a system partition) and carry on installing Windows 8 in the usual way.
    Why Install Twice you may ask, when Windows 8 install the 2nd time it finds an Operating System on the drive and records this in Memory and allows the PC to install and Active Windows 8 when installing.

    HaVe A NiCe DaY

    P.S. If you want your START BUTTON back in Windows 8 use "Classic Shell"
    The latest version can be found on

    (right click on button for loads of settings)
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