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    I want to upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8.1. Do I need a usb and if so, how do I use it. Then I assume I upgrade my computer with that. How do I do that? I have googling this for a couple of days but don't understand the lingo enough to do it. Any help would be appreciated

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    Have you NOT been reading? The upgrade is done via the normal Windows Update process, that is, IF your PC qualifies for the upgrade. Many don't for one reason or another. I saw one PC that could not get the upgrade because of a NON-compatible video card.
    There is NO Need for a USB or other media to do the upgrade, it's all done via the Windows update process.

    But to get the upgrade, you must be using either a legal copy of Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, or Windows 8.1.
    No other OS is upgradable.

    As much trouble as you've experienced with your current OS, I would not think that you're a good candidate for Windows 10. There are NOT the people here anymore to assist you, like there was in the past.

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