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    Default Virtual box installation problem


    I would like to say how I did.

    First I created a partion and formated it from Disk Maintanence , I got a warning that this made the disks dynamic and only one partition could boot. That may have been the problem the first time because when I Started the Win 8 install from the DVD I burned it just wrote over the operating system. Several hours later after a restore I tried creating a Virtual Hard Disk but again Win 8 just installed over the OS. The instructions I found on this forum all thought it would give me a choice. The only choices I got had to do with saving or not saving existing settings there was no custom option or partition to install to option. This is release preview I downloaded from Microsoft. Target is a Win 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

    Any suggestion? Thank you.

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    Default Re: Virtual box installation problem

    You get the choice if you boot to the DVD, then choose Custom Install. If you choose Upgrade, you will not be given a choice of where to install Win 8 RP.

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    Default Re: Virtual box installation problem

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    Default Re: Virtual box installation problem

    Or just try Oracle VM...

Thread: Virtual box installation problem - Windows 8

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