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    Default Hypervisor not running error

    I have installed windows 8 Preview and add the hyper-v feature. I am running an Intel I-2500K processor with both the Virtualization switch and Execuriton Protection switches on in the BIOS. I have also set the hypervisor to load at boot. I am still receiving the Windows 8 hypervisor is not running error. I also cannot find the hypervisor service in the services.msc.

    Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Hypervisor not running error

    Hi Evange,

    Welcome to Windows 8 Forums.

    Please refer to this vidoe which detailed how to fix this issue. Hope it can help you.

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    Default Re: Hypervisor not running error

    The video io very clear should the issue trace to bios settings for virtualization or execute prevention. With multi-boot systems however the odds rise that a user, wehose machine and bios support it, not having hyperV running due to boot store changes. THAT issue I just had - several of my OS ran hyperV but not the main one, not anymore. So, this fixed that:

    Consider also, if changes have been made to bcd store, check to see (at a command prompt type "bcdedit") if you have this entry:

    hypervisorlaunchtype auto

    If not, type the following command, and then press ENTER:

    Bcdedit /set {current} hypervisorlaunchtype auto

    and reboot

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