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    Exclamation Don't forget or neglect VMs

    For example, I keep VMs of legacy Windows for client support. IF, for whatever reasons, you are running VMs of Operating Systems remember they, too, require updating... (their) browsers, Adobe, Java, Microsoft Updates, security tool(s) for A-V & A-M, CCleaner, et al; AND the same TLC, too... clean-up, Defrag, et al. VMs must treated like any other computer and be given identical care & attention.

    And, yes, VMs of Operating Systems cannot go w/out security, like MSE or something. They, still, need it, same as a physical machine.

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    I fully agree with Drew's post above. In addition to what was stated, it's also imperative to backup these VM's on a more regular basis then your OS install. VM's, in my experience, tend to degrade faster than a regular install, hence the need for additional backups (every two weeks if used often).

    If you're using your VM for a very important project, it's OK to back it up at the end of each day. Better to have it & not need it than the other way around, that's 100% for sure.

    It's also best practice to install VM's to a separate partition or drive. Some users, like myself has up to 4 on a drive, but I have a special partition labeled "Virtual Machines" for them, & XP Mode (Windows 7) is on another partition.

    Take care of them & they'll take care of you. VM's makes excellent test beds to try out new software on before putting it to one's main install, risk free.


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