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    Default Article: Microsoft is pleased with Windows 8 sales

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    My message will probably either not make it on or be deleted in short order but I would have to say I have been a huge fan of windows since inception in fact it has been the best desk top operating system in the world but I would have to say windows 8 ranks up there with ME and Vista as what I would call the biggest miss fires I have seen by windows I bought my first lap top and with it came windows 8 not only does it constantly disconnect from the internet but it also shuts down constantly with service exceptions straight out of the box the errors are dump errors along with the feeling I am working on a smart phone instead of a desktop it just does not flow right I have sent emails both to HP and to windows requesting win7 as a replacement but it appears no response and it is a force fed operating system and my productivity is at a all time low. It may be good for a smart phone or touch screen folks but my idea of getting work done is using a operating system I have know for over for about 12 years. I feel if windows is not smart enough to throw a rope to the folks that actually use there operating for work you will lose your place as the global leader.

Thread: Article: Microsoft is pleased with Windows 8 sales - Windows 8


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