Hi all,

This windows 8 tutorial is about Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel. If you have the same issue below, follow the steps to fix it.


The Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel fails to show itself on my windows 8 when expected, such as when I touch a text box in a Metro app or when I touch the keyboard icon in the taskbar of the Desktop. The only way I know of temporarily fixing this issue is to end the "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel" task through the Task Manager and then start it up again by touching the keyboard icon in the taskbar.

Fix steps:

a) Open the Charms Bar.
b) Select Settings at the bottom of the menu.
c) Select More PC Settings.
d) Select General.
e) In the Touch Keyboard section, 'Make the standard keyboard layout available' drag the Slider to ON.
f) Exit and start the Touch Keyboard again.
g) Select the Layout Icon and you should see the extra option for the full keyboard layout there.

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