Hi all,

I noticed that there are users who are talking about change Windows 8 display language. Here I share the tutorial.

Step 1: Type "language" in the search box (press windows key + Q). Please make sure that the search scope is set to Settings. Select "language"
Attachment 1741
Step 2: Select "add a language", you will see multiple langauges. Choose anyone you would like to add.
Attachment 1742
Attachment 1743
Step 3: Take Chinese for example. Select "Chinese" to add. And Now I see I added sucessfully.
Attachment 1744
Step 4: Click "option" > select "download and install language pack". Now I am downloading Chinese pack.
Attachment 1745
Step 5: When the language pack is installed, you must move it to the top of your language list to make this language your display language. Restart the computer after installing, then ok.
Attachment 1746