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    Default Windows 8 tutorials: it connects to local network but no internet access

    Hi guys,

    Have you ever met such a problem that windows connects to local network, but no internet access. It keeps give me a yellow triangle with exclamation point in the taskbar saying "No Internet Access". in fact, it connects to the local internet.

    If yes, try the following way to fix it.

    First make sure you have installed the right LAN driver. (therefore check you're motherboards drivers)
    Once you've installed the right LAN driver, Windows 8 still got problems connecting to the internet.
    This is because Windows8 has got a Network adapter called "Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter" which is making a fuzz.
    Therefore you have to disable this network adapter. Follow the next steps to disable this adapter.

    1: In Windows8 go to the Start screen (the tile screen)
    2: Hover your mouse in the left bottom corner (the desktop preview will appear)
    3: Right-Click in this corner will open the advanced menu.
    4: Select 'Device Manager'
    5: Select and expand 'Network Adapters'
    6: Right-Click the "Microsoft Kernel Debug Network Adapter" and select "Disable".
    7: Press "Yes" to disable the adapter and then press "Yes" again to restart your computer.

    Many thanks to ardonjr for answer.

    Original thread: Windows 8 connect to local network but no internet access

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    Default Re: Windows 8 tutorials: it connects to local network but no internet access

    Thanks for sharing. Good job!

Thread: Windows 8 tutorials: it connects to local network but no internet access - Windows 8

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