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    Lightbulb Poor Neglected, Oft Forgotten Desktop Toolbar Adds Value

    Some people, both inside & outside Microsoft, don't use or need a Start menu even if & when one exists. And, certainly, one can pin whatever one's heart desires to the Start menu and, there helpful Jumplists and things can be pinned to the Taskbar, as well; plus, there's the handy, dandy, "Users Menu". However, there is something else, in the OS, native to it (no 3rd Party add-on), that I suggest goes unnoticed but, adds huge value to the mix! Bonus, it allows not showing icons on the Desktop, too. It is the Desktop Toolbar. Whether one uses the Start menu or not but, especially if not using it... it allows for super-easy navigation, access & drilling down. Highly recommend it and feel it can be or become very much appreciated (by the End User).

    Rt Clk Taskbar > Toolbars > Desktop

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    Default Re: Poor Neglected, Oft Forgotten Desktop Toolbar Adds Value

    It's amazing, that the guys at MS development realized ages ago, that there are different users with totally different likes and dislikes as to what they want their computer to look like.

    I'm so Old School (or just plain OLD) that my first OS was MS-DOS 2.0.
    That blank screen (after boot up) with nothing on it but:

    just left so much to be desired that I had to learn how to build an Ansi Color Menu, which allowed for a single entry to get into any of the programs on the PC. For instance:

    1. Lotus 1.2.3.
    2. Word Processor
    3. D-Base III
    4. Disk Maint
    5. Shutdown

    I guess I just got used to having what I could do on the PC, displayed on the Desktop. So when MS Windows finally came along, that was just an expansion on what I did in DOS.

    I remember the old saying, "A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind".
    Now, I don't want icons all over my desktop, as so many will do, but I keep all my everyday program icons in the border around the screen. Things I hardly ever use, go into a desktop folder, usually called something like "Misc" or "Extra Stuff".

    This is a screen shot of just one of my Windows 10, TP, 9926 screens.

    Again, thank you MS for giving us Options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TechnoMage View Post
    I remember the old saying, "A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind".
    It's never a saying. It's an excuse for laziness.

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