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    Exclamation Keeping Your Cool

    Electronics and certainly PCs do not like heat. It is important that these devices stay cool @ all times and throughout their lifetime. That said, here is one of those "Best Practice" things that I suggest all too often does not even occur to people and that they do not think about or do on any kind of regular, periodic habit.

    Spend $5 and keep a can of Dust Off on hand. Shut your machine down, open it up and rid it of dust. Clean fans (CPU, GPU, P/S & case), vent openings be they perforations or grills. Do this, at least, monthly.

    We vacuum carpets, dust the surfaces in our houses, mop floors, etc. But, many Folks all too often forget about or neglect consistent cleaning of their computers. DON'T!

    As an aside, if this is ignored long enough a layer of dust can accumulate between the CPU fan & its heat-sink. Eventually this can impede the (cooling) airflow to the CPU causing it to overheat past its threshold temperature and cause the machine to shut down. In this state the CPU fan must be removed so the layer of dust can be removed. Do not let things go to being that bad.

    I do recommend installing & using Core Temp. This little utility will constantly show the core temps of each CPU core. This avails you easily knowing if your machine is running nice & cool or not 'breathing' as well as it should and becoming a wee bit too warm.

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    I was preaching this, (HEAT KILLS!) before most users today even knew how to spell computer.

    Heat and dirt were problems before the PC was even invented.
    I once worked on a big NCR Mainframe that put out so much heat that it heated a five story building, during the coldest winter days.

    Jump forward to 2014 and I'm still fighting the dirt demons! And worse of all is the desktop that is left sitting on the floor.

    This PC had actually died. I just opened it up to take this picture.

    On another customer's PC, the cpu cooling fan was running at FULL speed, all the time. I knew the cause before I ever opened the case.....yes, it was sitting on the floor.

    Before Cleaning:

    After Cleaning:

    And here's a motherboard, showing the dust pattern caused by the cpu fan. Note the dirt plastered against the nearby RAM stick. Dirt kills ram too!!!

    Ram sticks and heatsinks can be 'washed' and cleaned. Much more care must be taken with motherboards though. Static from vacc. cleaners or compressed air can ZAP a motherboard.

    Oh, I have more pic's, but I think you get the picture. (pun intended)

    Stay clean, stay safe and stay happy!

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