Hey guys,

USB flash memory is quite common among the students nowadays. Only a few of them can judge it's the fault one or not. Now there are several ways to do the test.

First, check the meomory voulme. Right-click your USB, check its capacity, such as 4G capacity displayed rented 3.99G or 4G, ha ha, you won fake one. Our computers are calculated according to 1024MB = 1GB, so 4GB U dish of usually only around 3.73 GB. So it is usually about 93% of the nominal capacity.
Second: the speed tests: the same with U disk, the choice speed measuring software testing, testing your U disk, look at the reading speed reading with manufacturer nominal speed differ much, general reading speed if in 10 MB/S basic can be accepted. Of course general fortress U dish of also can achieve almost this rate, it can say you small earn brushstroke
Third: expansion detection: with U plate test software expansion test, test method is very simple, insert U disk, and then run this software, choose bad block detection went, if after expansion of goods, it will cue you this product is through diffusion.