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    Default How to remove login password

    I noticed that many users are asking how to remove the login password because they are single user or home users. They hope they can skip it and set as auto login in the windows 8.

    Here I am writing the tutorials below.

    Step 1

    Press windows key + R to open command prompt, and type "netplwiz"

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    Or press windows key + Q to open the metro, and type "netplwiz" , click it and open it.

    Attachment 528

    Step 2
    Click "ok" to see a box as the sreenshot below.

    Attachment 529

    Step 3

    Uncheck "user must enter user name and password to use this computer", then click "ok"

    Attachment 530

    Step 4

    Enter your user name and password, then click "ok"

    Thats it!

    Restart your computer. Now you don’t need to enter the username and password each time when you logon the Windows 8.

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    Default Re: How to remove login password


    Need to say.... JUST LOVE IT!! even though I will never use it my self, a few customers who want to try out windows 8 might wanna try this function
    Thanks ALOT!!

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    Josh Singh

    Default Re: How to remove login password

    what if I want one account to have a password(adult) and one without a password for the kids?

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    Default Re: How to remove login password

    Parental control is a feature of windows 8 which allows you to control the activities of your kids on internet.You can not only monitor their activities but can prevent them from visiting adult sites.To turn this feature "on", Open "Add an User" screen by navigating to "Charms Bar>>Settings>>Change PC Settings>>Users>>Add user" .Now make sure that you have checked the checkbox which shows "I this a child's account? Turn on Family Safety to get Reports of their PC".The screenshot of the same is shown below:
    Attachment 1878
    Now you will be automatically redirected to Family Safety Setup section of control Panel.So click on the user account of your choice to use Family safety feature.It allows you much more functionality.Use them accordingly as per your need.

    If you want to remove your Password then follow the instructions of "netsoou" which is provided above.

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    Default Re: How to remove login password

    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Singh View Post
    what if I want one account to have a password(adult) and one without a password for the kids?
    Hi Josh,

    You can create a new account for your kid, but please note that not set password when you create the password.

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    Default Re: How to remove login password

    Sounds find! But many Windows 8 users may happened to forgot Windows 8 password and locked out of PC. So how to remove it and access win 8 computer?
    To remove a forgotten Windows 8 password, there are several free methods:
    1. With another admin account.
    2. With Windows 8 password reset disk.
    3. From Safe Mode.
    More details you can found on other sites, it is easy to find.

    Another tip: Remove lost Windows 8 password with Windows Password Recovery Tool.

    1. Install this program on another computer from and create a password recovery disk with USB
    2. Insert the disk to your laptop and set your laptop to boot from it.
    3. All user accounts will be loaded, then you can reset any user password.
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    Default Re: How to remove login password

    Good post! But how to remove Windows 8 password if you locked out of your win 8 computer? How to access your PC? Have you ever meet this trouble? Don't worry. What you need is Windows password Key. Only 3 minutes, you can login into your win 8 computer with this porgram.
    Get it from:

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    Default Re: How to remove login password

    I got this video to help me remove my Asus Windows 8 admin password efficiently:

Thread: How to remove login password - Windows 8

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