Hi guys,

Now I want to talk about something new here. Maybe some of you have already known how to burn a CD in the operating system of Windows 8. But perhaps, some of the guys do not have any idea about it. In order to create more convenience to you all, I just list out the basic steps in simple words. Hope it can do some favors for you.

Preparations: 1. Pls ensure that you have shut down all the unnecessary apps, such as screeen saver, etc. 2. Selecting your media. You should make sure that your speaker can work efficiently without any pops or clicks in it when playing music. 3. Making sure all audio files in .WAV format before burning.
You need WinZip to decompress files and NexEncode to convert MP3 files to .WAV.

Burning Steps: 1. Start-- programs--then Adaptec Easy CD Creator.
2. Click the button that says to make an "Audio CD" and click next once a menu/wizard comes up.
3. Open the file that has all songs you want on the CD. Select each file and click the "Add Now". Then select all the songs and click next.
4. Name the CD and click next.
5. Click "to close the session" then next.
6. Click "to perform the test" then next.
7. Click "to create CD now" and then finish.
8. At last, computer begins recording.