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    Default windows 8 recovery partition

    Where is my Windows 8 recovery partition?

    Yesterday, my Windows 8 crashed, I used laptop recovery system to recover my Windows 8, however it told me that it couldn't find the Windows 8 recovery partition!

    after I checked the whole disk, I can't find neither.

    Where is it?

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    Default Re: windows 8 recovery partition

    You mean the pre-installed recovery partition of windows 8?

    you may take a reference to that of win7:

    Select the Ramdisk Options to access the Recovery Options
    The file loading process is the same as when booting to installation DVD
    Select a keyboard layout
    Log on with your administrator password
    Full access to all the recovery options

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    Default Re: windows 8 recovery partition

    The Recovery Partition you are thinking of is the Win 7 pre-installed OEM Recovery Partition. Since it appears you replaced your Win 7 installation with Win 8 the Recovery Partition will not work. This could be used to bring your PC back to factory fresh.

    To recover your Win 8 go to Metro and type Refresh anywhere and see what pops up.

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    Default Re: windows 8 recovery partition

    I realize that my recovery petition is the OEM w/ Win7 (which I have no intention of going back to), but I would like to either
    (1) replace it with Win8, or
    (2) reformat that partition and shrink it to expand the regular drive partition to have more space available.
    Seems to me that 20 G (tablet PC) is just wasted right now?

    Are there any programs that can do #1 for me? Or will I have to do it manually? You'd think that Windows 8 could do it for me (after getting my permission of course) so it would be like a brand new PC....

    I do have everything backed up on external HDD, including ISO, and an emergency DVD as well as on a little USB drive. Since I had a hard drive failure on my desktop a few months ago, guess I've become "backup paranoid".

Thread: windows 8 recovery partition - Windows 8

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