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    Angry Windows 8 partition recovery

    Just now, I clicked my E drive where saves important documents, the system tells me that my E drive is unformatted, and needed to be formatted now!

    I dare not to format it cause there are many important files in that drive. Is there a way in Windows 8 to recover partition like mine? I swear, i never do anything to my E drive.

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    Many new PCs and Laptops sold in recent years come with a very useful recovery partition (sometimes called a restore partition or factory reset tool). Should your main installation of Windows 7 stop working, you can use this partition to quickly restore your laptop to the same state that it was when you first bought the computer.

    Each manufacturer has a different method of accessing the recovery partition, so you may need to read the manual to find out if your model comes with this feature and how to access it.

    Here I will list some of the common brand and you can click here if you want to know more.

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    It may happen due to file system crash or due to any logical issues.You can try once with partition recovery Windows 8 tool to restore inactive or lost partition. It works well to recover all types of partition. But let me know which type of file system is used on your system so that I can suggest you the link to restore your E partition.

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    Hi Windows,

    Probably, the E drive eventually becomes RAW and that's why it asking you to format it to assign any file system like NTFS, Quick NTFS etc.
    Don't ever format in such circumstances as it'll wipes all your partition files and makes it non recoverable by any means.

    Recovery program is a last resort to address all your data recovery needs. There is some useful utility supports recovery even on Windows 8 PC like Stellar Phoneix Winodws 8 Partition Recovery.

    There is clearly mentioned on the product page that it supports Windows 8 as well I've seen review regarding Stellar Phoneix do recovers data from Windows 8 PC.

    Good Luck. Don't forget to write back your status.

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    Has anybody checked the date of the original post, it's from 9/24/2010. And given the fact that the original poster hasn't responded to this post in almost 2 years, I will assume that it has been solved.

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    Ya think?
    Yeah, I think so too!

    Case Closed!

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Thread: Windows 8 partition recovery - Windows 8

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