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    Default Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification

    I would be interested in any comments about this article. Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification Note that it was written by


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    Default Re: Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification

    This is what I & others have been warning members about for months, MS has been on the lower end of the security scale for some time now. It's popularity is due to it being free, & if the user adds a active AM app, such as MBAM Pro (the install of MBAM Free will give one a 14 day trial of Pro), it will be more secure.

    This is the AV-Comparatives test site, the gold standard of security testing, & very recent test results. However the yearly Summary is done in December, still many up to the month results can be found here.

    AV-Comparatives - Independent Tests of Anti-Virus Software

    On last year's results, Microsoft only received one Advanced+ (ADV+) rating out of 9 categories. Note that they also didn't participate in 3 categories, though one was a suite, which MS isn't (but could be if MSE/WD & Windows Firewall was presented as combined). Obviously, MS has no room for sliding here, zero ADV+ rankings doesn't look good to informed consumers.

    Note that Kaspersky was the only one that got a ADV+ across the entire board (out of 9) & was also the Product of the Year w/no competitor in the immediate rear view mirror. Avira & BitDefender were the closest ones, both with 3 ADV scores, a virtual tie, but still, 3 solid notches behind.

    2012 results will soon be released later in the month. Windows Defender will be included with MSE in Microsoft's results, though the OS (Windows 8 RP/CP) were previews, Windows Defender wasn't. So WD will be included in about 9 months of the tests (March through November). Each vendor MUST lay all of their solutions on the table to be considered, or risk be disqualified (results nullified) by concealing products. As an alternative, AV-Comparatives reserves the right to put a gray + NA block (refused evaluation). Either would be a damaging blow to any participating vendor, as this is where many looks for products that has been tested extensively & that can "handle the job".

    Secondary (or second level protection) products such as MBAM, SuperAntiSpyware, S&D isn't on this list. This is for mainstream protection only. The upcoming results for this month (for the year) should be interesting to see. I don't see MS's results improving that much, even with WD in the mixture.

    Finally, AV-Comparatives puts all of these products to the test. Testing procedures are described for each test on the site, though I'll say that each test is run multiple times, by different testers to help promote a fair test environment.

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    Default Re: Microsoft Fails AV-Test Certification

    I'd rather rely on my own 30+ years of computer experience, in both the commercial and private sector, as to what programs are good and which ones are fair and which ones are just plain BAD.
    Both Norton and McAfee, are right at the top of the BAD list.

    With enough money, you can buy any kind of test results you want. That's nothing's been going on for years. I've read reviews in computer magazines, that I knew for a fact were just plain B.S.!!! Bought and paid for!

    I've gone into customers homes, where they are having weird problems with their PC's, and found some form of Anti-Virus software that they think is just great. Then I disable or just remove it and install and run my own package of security software and find hundreds of pieces of Spyware and Trojans.

    On one teenager's PC, that was supposedly 'protected', I found and removed 1400 trojans,
    and a considerable amount of adware and spyware.
    (he liked to visit Adult web sites) Who would'a thunk it?

    To ever trust MS to thoroughly protect a PC, is foolhardy at best, just plain Stu*** at worse.

    A man with experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument.
    Backup! Backup! Backup! Ghost rocks!

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