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    Default Locked out of Windows 8, no way to bypass login screen

    I just got a new Win8 laptop and during the set up I had to enter a password. I am 99.99999999999% sure my password is correct, but when I try to login it tells me that it is not correct. I have tried EVERY password I can think of, including my common typos and just leaving it blank to no avail. I have no backup usb stick. I cannot interrupt the boot mode during loading as apparently you have to enable that option within windows as well. I am completely stuck as to how to proceed--I cant log in to windows to enable any of the options I need to regain access to windows. I have tried putting bootable discs in the drive and they are ignored. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Locked out of Windows 8, no way to bypass login screen

    What site did you use to establish your password? You might try to contact MS for assistance with this question.

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    Default Re: Locked out of Windows 8, no way to bypass login screen

    Take your PC to any reputable Computer Service center.

    Any decent computer tech can remove your login password.
    You may be asked to prove your ownership of the PC.

    You do not have to put in a password when installing any version of Windows.
    Just click next and go on, PAST that screen and you'll be fine.

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