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    Default A blank program flashes in my taskbar and minimizes my games

    Hi all,

    I am starting to become very disillusioned as my antivirus would not detect any virus or malware. I was using an unregistered version Norton internet security which I thought was the problem but I have since uninstalled it and I am now using a registered version of Eset and yet still the blank program still flashes and minimizes my games when I run them. This happens randomly at probably 3 minute intervals.

    Any help?

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    Default Re: A blank program flashes in my taskbar and minimizes my games

    I believe this is another of those times when your basic Win 8 RP installation is corrupt. I would definitely start by doing a complete Custom reinstallation doing a new ISO download and a new DVD burned with a slow burn. Once Win 8 RP is reinstalled, reinstall all your apps. This will give you a much more pristine OS. Use a known good site to download the ISO file from.

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    Default Re: A blank program flashes in my taskbar and minimizes my games

    And, that "known good site" is Microsoft itself.
    Windows 8 Release Preview ISO formats

    Don't trust any other site.

    And, on the next install, keep Norton AWAY from it. Far away!
    In this day and age of enlightenment, it's surprising to me that anyone would put that POC on their computer.
    Once on there, you have to use the "Norton Removal Tool" to get rid of it and even after that, you have to go into "Program Files" and delete the files and folders. I'd rather have a virus....they are easier to get rid of.

    Good Luck!
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Thread: A blank program flashes in my taskbar and minimizes my games - Windows 8

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