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    Default Automatic scan settings don't work

    Hello everyone,

    I have my Windows Defender automatic scan setting for 2am daily, yet I am receiving messages to perform a scan because one hasn't been performed recently. What's up?

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    Default Re: Automatic scan settings don't work

    Do you by any chance run any cleanup apps such as CCleaner? If so you must uncheck the MSE or WD logs checkbox. If this log is cleaned, WD does not realize you have scanned and will ask you to scan.

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    Default Re: Automatic scan settings don't work

    What AV software are you using? Many disable Windows Defender when installed and if you re-enable Defender it can cause a conflicts and other problems and this could be one of them.

    If it's something where Windows Defender is compatible to run with the product, then make sure that your computer is running and the power saver settings are such that it is not going into sleep or hibernation before the scan is done - thus stopping the scan which will not restart again but act as if it never occurred.

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    Default Re: Automatic scan settings don't work

    2 AM?
    Are you up at 2AM with your computer turned ON?
    Most people are NOT, and their computer should be OFF if they have already gone to bed.

    I see PC after PC with the MS Update set for 2 or 3AM, when the PC would normally be OFF.
    It makes no sense, to set an update for a time when the PC is not even turned ON.

    I set my own scanners and up-daters, and those of all my customers, to activate at a time when I know I will be at the PC, or at least close by, in case something goes wrong.

    Typically, home PC's are made with the cheapest electronic components that money can buy, and fan failures and capacitors exploding, which can cause a fire, are fairly common. Remember the exploding SONY laptop batteries?

    Dell laptop explodes at Japanese conference - The Inquirer

    There are more, but I think that's enough to make my point.

    Set all your updates and scanners to run at a time when you will be available to observe the process and take any actions, like answering any error messages, that may be appropriate.

    Be SAFE!
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