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    You may have a conflict with Https sites. This is a function which is not really a virus, but has been altered by some software you have installed. Try this:

    Open Tools - Internet options.
    Open the Security Tab.
    First, at the bottom, select "reset all zones to default level"

    If this doesn't work for you, go to the same tab and select "Trusted sites"
    Make sure you have the item "Require server verification...etc " ticked.

    Final, more drastic method, is to open the internet options again, and go to the "Advanced " tab. Select "Restore Advanced settings"

    This will do as it says, but also clear out all the site cookies, which could be the problem. Takes a few seconds so be patient. You will have to put all your access names and passwords back in for all sites you visit
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    Default Re: Get the message that the webpage cannot be displayed

    I prefer to do this anyway (manually keying in usernames & passwords). Firefox used to automatically display the username, as long as an app such as CCleaner wasn't ran, or the option checked to clear these upon closing the browser.

    I never liked this in a browser anyway, it only takes a few seconds to type in a username on a site. It's fine with me for the browser not to do this. Must be built in, as I haven't tampered with any settings to change this, just jacked IE's privacy settings to "Medium High", rather than "Medium", & have the Do Not Track option selected, though this was just changed since RP was released, the automatic username hasn't showed up for me much longer than that.

    However, CCleaner is setup to allow cookies to be stored from frequently visited sites for quicker access.


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Thread: Get the message that the webpage cannot be displayed - Windows 8

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