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    Default Sound problem

    Hi, I just installed windows 8 RTM, from MSDN

    Have two problems.

    1. The problem I'm having is that I can't get sound on it. The drivers are checked, and everything's okey, the audio service is started, and also when I look at the volume bar, the green bar goes up and down, so logically the sound is working

    2. The other problem is that video or music playbacks goes so slow, one second spends 3 real seconds to move.

    I don't know if it is related with the drivers, but the soundmax drivers aren't still released for W8, and normally it should work with the ones windows installs itself.


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    Default Re: Sound problem

    Your problems could very well be related to drivers. The sound problem might not be repairable until Win 8 specific drivers are released. You could try using Win 7 drivers installed in compatibility mode.

    I would also look at the graphics drivers, You do not say what graphics interface you have. NVidia has released Win 8 drivers. AMD has release a new Catalyst Control Panel, although the drivers have not yet been released from beta.

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    Default Re: Sound problem

    I agree with Ted. You need to update driver that is compatible with Windows 8

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    Default Re: Sound problem

    This may take some experimenting/trying different drivers with, from different sites, so don't give up. Did you get a Driver CD with your computer? If so, you can possibly update the drivers with this, using the Device Manager to point to the CD for needed drivers. This is how I installed 8 RP onto my notebook, all Windows 7 x64 drivers worked perfectly with 8 RP x64. The latest NVIDIA drivers & software, which included their Control Center, worked fine on the notebook.

    We would like to be of assistance, but more info is needed. Such as make & model of your computer, making note of any hardware changes, such as GPU, CPU or sound card. This can help us to look for possible driver matches for your computer.


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    Gilberto Binga

    Default Re: Sound problem

    Same problem.
    My sound card is Conexant Pebble

Thread: Sound problem - Windows 8

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