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    Default No TV Tuner Card Detected in Windows 8

    Hey everyone,

    Hope you guys can come up a fix gor this weirder windows 8 case.

    Two days ago i have installed windows 8 Pro 64 bit on my pc and it still doesn't detecte my TV tuner.

    deos anyone know what could eb causing this win 8 case? hope you can come up a solution with more detailed instruction.

    many thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: No TV Tuner Card Detected in Windows 8

    Tried to add a link but cannot since this is my first post. But microsoft is offering Add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 Pro do a search I guess....

    I justed upgraded via the digital download for $39.99 through microsoft to windows 8 pro
    My next purchase willo be a TV tuner card so I can recored and watch over the air HD programs (Dumped the dish).
    Seems there are lots of people with issues out there in the research I've been doing. Maybe the upgrade to add windows media center will help.
    I'd love to hear from someone using Windows 8 with a TV card that works before I invest into one.
    Hard to beat $20 but not if it won't work for me!

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    Default Re: No TV Tuner Card Detected in Windows 8

    toddod, welcome to the Forum!

    This thread is two years old, so it's best to create your own thread. But I'll still try to help. For starters, a $20 tuner card isn't going to cut it. I've seen several in this price range at Newegg, customers states they're JUNK. $20 will barely buy a decent wi-fi card. I was in the market for one myself, but not now. Good ones costs good money.

    One thing that hurts, is MS took away the Free Streaming Internet TV. Though it's (WMC) no longer free for Windows 8 Pro users, it is for this promotion only. Though it's OK for being Free, if I had to pay, I'd get the CyberLink package for $79.99 (only $10 more).

    PowerDVD 12 No.1 Blu-ray & Media Player

    This is so much more than Windows Media Center, which is now more or less an overpriced DVD player. Many of the features above (especially the playable/recordable formats), are not in WMC's features.

    Hope that my post is of help.

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Thread: No TV Tuner Card Detected in Windows 8 - Windows 8

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