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    Default no audio on hdmi output TV

    Hey guys, whats going on. I recently purchased a new toshiba laptop with windows 8 and am trying to play media off of my TV from the laptop via HDMI cable. The video display works perfectly, however playing sound is not possible. I've been trying tirelessly to get this to work for weeks now but I always come up with nothing. I'm beginning to get frustrated and in my opinion, I think this is utterly ridiculous that I bought a brand new laptop with "wonderful" windows 8 and I cant even get the audio to play off of my TV, let alone the frequent internet disconnecting, I can't save/use some files without issue, random programs that I never use come up and but in all the time, constant zooming in and out of webpages and I dont even know why, the thing takes multiple unsuspecting pictures of me and god knows where they go, frequent blue screens of death..

    Anyways, I've been searching for days (literally) all around the internet and found similar problems like mine. Except that I havent seen anyone have this happen on windows 8 or have any of their suggestions that actually work. I've tried EVERYTHING. I've been through every menu in the control panel. I've try replugging, unplugging, turning all devices off and back on at the same time. My drivers are up to date. My brothers laptop played audio just fine off of the TV (windows 7). The HDMI cable is fully functional. No, I don't have the TV end plugged in to output, I have it plugged into PC input. there is no output. But yet, after all of this, when I pull up playback devices, I get the same result. AMD HDMI output is recognized but says it's not plugged in, I can't set it as default because it's greyed out, and the likeliness of me ever getting sound from my PC to the TV seems to be getting slimmer and slimmer each time I try.

    If you guys have any suggestions, I would love to try them. I am so tired of this **** and at this point the most entertaining thing that I can do with this laptop is see if I can get from one side of the screen to the other with my fist.

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    Brandon Neubert

    Default Re: no audio on hdmi output TV

    attach HDMI and turn on your tv
    Go to your start screen, type in "sound"
    go to settings, underneath the search bar
    click on sound (little gray speaker)
    click your tv, then properties
    one of the tabs has a volume bar. See if it's at 0. if so, slide to 100

    Hopefully it works! If it does, you can make a shortcut to get to the sound setting. Search this on YouTube:
    Windows 8 - Adding, Connecting & Disconnecting Bluetooth Audio Devices
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    Default Re: no audio on hdmi output TV

    sprbld417 said "... HDMI output is recognized but says it's not plugged in, I can't set it as default because it's greyed out."

    exact same problem. Lenovo Ideacentre A7 series with Win8. Sound playback setting shows "NVIDIA High Definition Audio not plugged in" and is greyed out so I cannot change anything. Why can I watch video but not get audio through the HDMI cable?

    Thanks, problem solved with driver update.

    I updated the sound driver and it worked. I got computer video on my tv and the audio on my receivers speakers. Unfortunately that was just for one day. Now I get HDMI audio on my stereo speakers but no video. I'm hoping that it is a faulty HDMI cable and have ordered a new one. But this is so puzzling. How could it work for one night and then not the next day? Also, the more I read up on it the more conflicting info I read which is frustrating.
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    Default Re: no audio on hdmi output TV

    @Jammen, try updating the sound driver. I remember I had a greyed out item (Stereo Mix) before on my "Sound" settings recently and I only got to select it and make it a default when I updated the driver. No harm trying. Good luck!

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    Default Re: no audio on hdmi output TV

    Just because you have a video cable, does not necessarily mean it's also an audio cable. Most are NOT.

    I've wired up several different video connections here, over the years, and in every case I've had to run separate audio cables.
    The only video that also has audio is "Composit Video", using a single coaxial cable.

    So, on that laptop, I'd try connecting a stereo/audio cable from the earphone jack on the laptop, to the audio inputs on the TV/Monitor. That should work!

    Good Luck!
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