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    Attention all singers, guitarists, bassists, drummers and all other musical instrument players, Lyrics and Music Chords Library is an application you must absolutely download if you are on the Windows 8 operating system.

    Lyrics and Music Chords Library is primarily created for all musicians who wish to have a searchable database of song lyrics to go with their chords progression. It acts like a virtual gig for a guitarist or any band. With it, musicians can:
    -Modulate the key signature of any song
    -Create playlists to practice
    -Store songs
    -Create slide presentation for a live performance

    Created by Mr. Wendly Saintil who is a Microsoft developer, passionate programmer and curious guitarist, he combines his talents in programming skills with his music background to develop an app which he believes will solve the lack of a workable solution for music enthusiasts on the Windows 8 platform. The application is currently free for trial for 15 days. Thereafter, you can purchase a perpetual license for the equivalent of USD 6.95.

    When quizzed about his choice of platform of development, Mr. Saintil answers that the Windows 8 platform is a great platform to develop for. It is a new market and offers many opportunities for developers. In addition with Visual Studio Express 2012, it is very easy to create and design great applications with a basic knowledge of programming. And most importantly, Windows 8 allows him to sell his applications to a virtual global marketplace allowing users all over the world to enjoy and utilize his product. At this juncture, Mr. Saintil has 2 other applications on the Windows 8 platform, namely Your Quotation Collection and My Songbook Collection.

    Lastly, it is also interesting to note that Lyrics and Music Chords Library is currently using a 3rd party commerce platform, Lotaris in-appCommerce to power the business models and payments of Lyrics and Music Chords Library on the Windows Store.

    When asked, Mr. Saintil mentioned that “Lotaris in-appCommerce offers 3 things that I believe every developer would appreciate
    1) Better control
    2) Real time update
    3) Lower revenue share

    The Lotaris integration requires the insertion of a few lines of code, but it gives developers more ways to control and manage their application than the standard model used by the Windows Store. For example, a developer can set trial to up to 6 months, offer subscriptions and premium feature purcahses. Lotaris in-appCommerce is a powerful platform that gives developers all the tools they need to monetize their applications.”

    About Mr. Wendly Saintil
    Wendly Saintil is Microsoft developer, passionate programmer, and curious guitarist. Many of his applications have been listed in the Windows Store. He designs his works by using C, Java, C#, C++, PHP, html, xml and also uses SQLite commands. He enjoys non-fiction prose and philosophical writing. His passion includes poetry, programming, soccer, and guitar. His primary resolution is to inspire others, and to live for the one who create him, the Eternal God. A native of Haiti, Wendly currently lives in Gainesville, Florida where he pursues a software engineering degree at the University of Florida.

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    Ian Ho

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    Interesting app. Thanks for sharing, i like the bit where i can trial for 15 days before deciding whether to purchase.

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    Ian Ho

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    Just paid for the app. Excellent.

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