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    Default How to launch visual studio in windows 8?


    My windows 8 has visual studio listed in control panel programs, but I can't figure out how to launch it.

    The full page start menu is nice, but doesn't have everything. There must be some way to get the list of applications available. Thanks.

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    Default Re: How to launch visual studio in windows 8?

    If you Right Click on the Win 8-Style Start Menu you will see All Apps at the bottom.

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    Default Re: How to launch visual studio in windows 8?

    Try the following methods and check if it helps.

    To see all he app install on your computer

    a. Press the Windows + Q key on the keyboard.

    b. Select Apps, you can see all the apps installed on your computer.
    Note: To see a particular apps, Make sure the search is set to search Apps, and then enter the particular app name and check if it helps.

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    Default Re: How to launch visual studio in windows 8?

    I think you need to search for EXPRESS, if you installed the express version, like me.
    couldn't find it. very weird.

    when you are in the "metro" view (with all the little panels), just start searching/typing:
    VS Express
    or just
    or just

    should work.

    hope it helps

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