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    Default Default-only Software Installation Settings?

    Just got a PC with Windows 8, and need to install loads of new software. On all other Windows systems I've used, when you run a program installer, the installation wizard would pop up and take you through a series of screens and options during the installation process (including allowing you to choose whether to use customized settings or the 'recommended' settings, which often involves added bloatware, desktop shortcuts, etc.). In Windows 8, though, new software installations just automatically install with the publisher's recommended settings and doesn't allow you to use the installation wizard to opt out of all of the extra crap. How can I change the settings in Windows 8 so that I get access to the installation wizard's options and can adjust settings at time of install for new software to refuse permission for bloatware, desktop shortcuts, start menu icons, etc.?

    Thanks in advance for any guidance! I wish I didn't have to go to a forum to find out how to do something which was automatic in Windows 7!

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    Default Re: Default-only Software Installation Settings?

    Welcome to the Forum!

    To what "softwares" do you refer? Name some of them, please. And, I do hope you, really, mean Windows 8.1 not, Windows 8 (if it is, indeed, 8 then it needs to be Upgraded to 8.1

    Usually the choice to which you refer is in the installer and not a part of the OS or a choice w/in the OS.

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Thread: Default-only Software Installation Settings? - Windows 8


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