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    Default Classic Shell 3.9.1 beta is released

    This news is for the Orb lovers.

    Classic Shell for Win 8.1.

    Have fun!

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    Default Re: Classic Shell 3.9.1 beta is released

    Thanks for your notice, I like this tool.

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    Default Re: Classic Shell 3.9.1 beta is released

    Classic Shell 4.0 , full version, NO BETAS, is now available for CS fans.
    You can download it here, without having to go fish for it.

    It does take all the "Oh my Gawd! What is this mess???" out of the Windows 8 or 8.1 experience for new PC buyers.

    Most of my PC customers are oldsters who maybe need a new PC, but don't necessarily need or want a new OS.
    They ran XP and liked the look and ease of use. Proper setup with the new Classic Shell, gives them the opportunity to have the new PC with the new OS, without having to deal with the Metro Screen at all.

    With the Classic Shell installed, I can make my customer's Desktop look and act exactly like their old XP machine, but faster! The greatest problem remaining is to find drivers for their old printers, scanners and other external hardware.

    I'm one of those Oldsters myself, and I really can't stand the new Windows Metro look. So the first thing I add to any install of (now) Windows 8.1, is the latest Classic Shell.

    Just for fun.....

    Here's my latest Windows 8.1 Desktop:

    Reminds me of my trip to Switzerland, in 1964. No sheep jokes, Please!
    This is actually just one picture, from a MS Theme. Completely OEM.

    This shot was taken before I installed Firefox or any of my Security Software, so of course, those icons are missing from the picture.

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