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    Re: 10 Windows 8 apps you should download first

    A powerful and professional IM is really necessary for us to download. And I think these kinds of apps are necessary for nearly every Windows 8 computer users. For other kinds of apps, they are...
  2. Re: Do I Need to Upgrade my Apps on Windows 7, If I Decide to Upgrade Windows 7 to Windows

    Hello, Drew, thanks for your support, you are very patient and professional. This forum is really a good place for Windows 8 users to find what they need. Thanks very much.
  3. Re: If I installed Windows 8, Will the Win 7 apps work well on Windows 8?

    Hey, Ducauy. Like Medico said most of apps can be compatible with Windows 8 if they can be compatible with Windows 7. So actually you dont have to worry about whether the apps can be comaptible with...
  4. Re: Anyone Knows Which is best site to download Free Windows 8 apps?

    Hey Ducauy, cant you find that there is a windows app store on this forum? Just take a look at the top right corner of this fourm, and then click the "Windows 8 App Store" icon, you will find a lot...
  5. Re: Which One is Better? Windows 8 Pad or iPad Mini?

    It is really a great pity that iPad cant support installing windows 8. However, iPad and iPad Mini are all good products for video and audio playback.
  6. Windows store says I need to upgrade to newer version, but there is no newer version

    Hi all,

    I am running windows 8 release preview. The windows store keeps saying I need to upgrade to newer version, but there is no newer version. Is that a bug?

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