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  1. Re: USB ports problem in Windows 8 device manager

    Connect your USB device to another computer. Check your USB port.
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    Re: Windows 8 Shielded USB

    Use the CMD to recover the factory reset.
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    Re: DVD Crack Tool in Windows 8

    Do you mean that you want to cancel the password protection to your DVD? You can download a software online to do your this favor!
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    Re: Provent DVD from Copy in Windows 8

    I think a software is needed to encrypt to your DVD. NERO 7, or the version superior than this has the function of encrypting.
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    Re: Copy Encrypted DVD in Windows 8

    Why not enter the password to display your DVD?
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    Installing Windows 8 on a Netbook

    Hi guys,

    Perhaps there are some looking for the installing method of Windows 8 on a netbook. Now below is the detailed steps for you. Purchase and download Windows 8 from the Microsoft Store as...
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    Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day Trial

    Hey guys,

    I need Windows 8 Enterprise 90-day Trial to test my software and hardware on a final version of the product. What i want is a 64 bit one. So I need your suggestions on the requirements...
  8. Download Windows 8 Ultimate Edition Torrent

    Hi guys,

    Windows 8 Ultimate Edition Torrent download location is needed here. I have searched on line for a long time, but in vain. if anyone can prodive me the download address, pls attach the...
  9. Suggestions on Windows 8 Professional Edition

    Hi guys,

    I have used the Windows 8 upgrade advisor, and windows 8 can run on my laptop, while what I want is Windows 8 professional edition. Does it includes both 64 bit and 32 bit? I need the 64...
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    Windows 8 Daemon Tool Problem


    I am currently testing Windows 8 and also want to test the daemon tools. Unfortunately I always get the question, that there is a need for a reboot to complete the installation. After reboot...
  11. Complete Uninstall of Windows 8 Daemon Tool

    Hi guys,

    Several months ago, daemon tool was installed on my windows 8 operating system sucessfully. But now when I attempt to uninstall it from my computer, but the daemon tool is still there....
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    Windows 8 Daemon Tool Installation Steps

    Hi guys,

    Here I conclude the Windows 8 daemon tool installation steps:

    Click the installation file--click install button--next step until the installation complete. Note: After installation,...
  13. Install Failure to Deamon Tools Windows 8 64 bit?

    Gey guys,

    I just reinstalled my operating system (Windows 8 Ultimate x64) and when i try to install daemon tools, it installs but never does a virtual drive show up. I've restarted and...
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