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    Re: What do I need to run Windows 8 on my PC ?

    These are the bare minimums. Obviously you will get better performance with more than these minimums.
  2. Thread: Spammers Beware

    by Medico

    Re: Spammers Beware

    Can't help, sorry. My ax has been taken from me. Perhaps I deleted too many scum spammers.
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    Re: Start Menu changing by itself

    You can also right click the tiles and choose to Unpin From Start to get rid of any tiles you do not want.
  4. Thread: Spammers Beware

    by Medico

    Spammers Beware

    Yes, I have been on hiatus for some time now. I still pop in once in a while just to take a quick look. I still hate spammers, and no I did not ban persons unless they were identified as a...
  5. Re: Do you still recommend to install window 8 system?

    I only have Win 8 and our laptops. Will not go back. First it's easy to make Win 8 look and feel like an earlier OS. Second I do like the speed and security.

    If you have some older S/W then keep...
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    Re: New PC CRASHED! help!

    If you just bought it, take it back and make them fix it. It's called warranty.
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    Sticky: Re: Forum Moderator Wanted - Windows 8 Forums

    I see that now. I missed it at first glance. Perhaps they really do think this is all a game. I'm sorry but I spent literally hundreds of hours here and when things became tense their response was...
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    Why was my signature changed

    I want to know why the administrators here changed my signature, eliminating the whole thing. All it showed was Back Up, Back Up, Back Up, and a line with my system specs.

    Just because I insisted...
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    Sticky: Re: Forum Moderator Wanted - Windows 8 Forums

    Dave, You might not even want to Moderate here. When I insisted they do something about the spam issue, and do something to stop the spam ads that Google AdSense was adding to the threads, they...
  10. Re: Windows 8 App Store Problem | The Weather App of Windows 8 Cant Work!

    Check this thread
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    Re: Dowloading torrents

    Win 8 is more secure than previous versions. Most Torrent sites are illegal downloads. Perhaps this is telling you something!
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    Re: Error code: WindowsUpdate_80070BC8

    I would think both problems would be solved with a Custom Install.

    You might try the Canon web site for new drivers and software for the printer, but this will not fix the WU problem.
  13. Re: Printer Preferences Setting is Missing in Windows 8

    This could very well be one of those instances where HP is supplying the basics, but not supporting the remaining features.
  14. Sticky: Re: What to do when you have trouble with a Metro App

    Thank you Tommy. I hope this helps someone
  15. Re: Printer Preferences Setting is Missing in Windows 8

    Ken, Welcome to our forum. Rather than resurrecting very old threads, please start new threads. HP is notorious for not supporting their devices such as printers for new OS's. If you have a chance of...
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    Re: Intermittent network connectivity problems

    I would try the Network Troubleshooter first. Right Click the Network icon and choose Troubleshoot.
  17. Sticky: What to do when you have trouble with a Metro App

    Have a Win 8 App problem. Here's help from MS.

    Includes a link to Microsoft's app troubleshooter at the bottom of the page.
  18. Thread: HTTP vs HTTPS

    by Medico

    Re: HTTP vs HTTPS

    I hate backlinks. Do not link your own website because it violates the Forum rules.
  19. Re: The office word 2007 becomes unresponding if I copy something

    Try uninstalling office, then reinstalling it. Something did not install correctly.

    Did you try an Upgrade Install for Win 8. If so this is the problem. There are numerous problems reported with...
  20. Re: Where to download windows 8 media center and how to install it?

    Add Media Center. A simple Google search found it in about 5 seconds.
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    Re: Can Real Player Burn DVD Video on Windows 8?

    First, get rid of Real Player. It is a security risk and large resource hog.

    Try VLC or add Media Center back into Win 8 for DVD use. There is also a thread about a free DVD ripper you can try.
  22. Re: FireFox Often Crashes on Windows 8, How to Solve this Issue?

    FF version 7 is not compatible. The latest version is V16 I believe.
  23. Re: Cannot download PDF file attachment from my email?

    You have to Custom Install to go from a beta to a released version. Start over using the link in the top of your email receipt. Choose Save Nothing. When you get to the point choose Install from...
  24. Re: My Software Ask Me to Pay for It After Upgrade!

    Unfortunately some developers do not support their S/W for various OS versions. Not much you can do about that.
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    Re: Windows 8 System Requirements?? Need Help!

    Win 8 System requirements. Start here.

    Most devices, graphics, etc. that work in Win 7 will work in Win 8.
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