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  1. Re: Windows 8 will be a cloud based operating system

    The latest leaked screenshots from an early development milestone of Windows 8 appear to reveal the fact that Microsoft is working to connect the next major iteration of the Windows client to the...
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    Re: best internet cleaner windows 8

    Hi guys,

    Why not download and install Advanced SystemCare on your windows 8?

    Boosts your system's performance with Advanced SystemCare Free, the powerful free Windows 8 registry cleaner by...
  3. Re: Advanced Power Settings - Sleep and Hard Drive Never Off?

    What happens when entering the sleep mode is the drives will be turned off and the present state will be kept in memory until awakened. While the system is active the power scheme will prevent the...
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    Re: Save to / Open From RECENT FOLDER function

    I see it in my Favorites in explorer. It's called recent places.
  5. Re: Set options for System Protection in registry?

    no helps in this windows 8 problem?
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    Re: How to check and test RAM please?

    Hi windows,

    Your hard drive has memory on it, called cache, but that is much different and separate than the memory in your computer. Those are still chips that can be upgraded, removed, etc.
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    Re: loss of hard drive space

    You may have a folder on C called "Windows Old"

    Aslo, may be a lot of System restore points.

    For most poeple, including myself, Ultimate is not worth it for what it offers over home premium....
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    Re: Failed System Restore - Windows 8

    Hi guys,

    Microsoft have released IE 9 for a long time and now it is running on my Windows 8 Pro 64 bit. I am really loving its quick operation so much.

    Why not install IE 9 on your computer?...
  9. Re: Need help determining which app(s) causing disk access

    Hi windows,

    For a start, you'd better run an antivirus scan, then download and run malwarebytes.

    Windows 8 Pro 64 bit is running on my HP laptop and i've installed Security 360 on it. every...
  10. Re: New Core i5 Laptop is not that fast after start up

    All four cores/threads will be running at the same time, unless you changed something in MSconfigs boot tab, which you shouldn't do. Press ctrl+shift+esc to open the task manager and go to the...
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    Re: Backup and Restore Administrator Priviledges

    hi there,

    can you tell me which operating system version you are using? Windows 7 or Windows 8?
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    Re: Never used a image backup

    By creating an image, your entire system state, including the OS and data files, are captured like a snapshot and can be reloaded at any time. It’s the best way to protect your data and also the...
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    Re: System Restore error. 0x80070005.

    Hi windows,

    Hope this information might helps.

    Go to help and support type in turn off system restore, follow those instructrions. Shut down, boot up, then turn on SR.
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