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    Re: exact day of windows 8 RP releasing

    available now... Have you ever downloaded?
  2. Re: Windows 8 Tutorials:Use Windows Easy Transfer to migrate your personal files to W

    I will do a clear install...
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    Have you ever upgrade to windows 8 RP?

    Hi guys,

    Windows 8 RP is available for download. Does anyone here download it? How about this new version? Tell me about your feeling.
  4. Re: No music can be heard on HP ENVY help please?

    Have you checked your sound card? This problem only happens to itunes or windows media player? Have you tested others?
  5. Re: Outlook opens minimized, won't maximize or restore

    I have never experienced this issue and I have read such kind of issue on other website. They say you can hold your shift button right click on the minimized outlook in the tray and say maximize,...
  6. Re: How to activate my Windows 8 Consumer Preview?

    You did not activate OS during the installation?
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    Re: Can't print from Metro Apps

    Do as Ted said, print from the Desktop and wait for RP. That's the best fix.
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    Re: windows 8 login password incorrect

    Is your password too long? You cant login if the password is more than characters. Just type the first 16 characters to try to login. And i suggest changing a shorter password (less than 16...
  9. Re: How can I go offline on the new messaging app?

    To go offline in the Messaging app

    1. Launch the Messaging app

    2. Right click to bring up the app commands bar

    3. Click Status, then Appear Offline

    To stop the notifications from people...
  10. Re: windows 8 tutorials: How To Switch Between Windows Accounts and Local Accounts

    That works fine for me. Thanks, threeone!
  11. Re: Windows 8 tutorials: it connects to local network but no internet access

    Thanks for sharing. Good job!
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    Re: 80-inch Windows 8 tablets will arrive

    Cant image 80-Inch windows 8 tablet...I would like to see the screenshots.
  13. Re: Windows 8 Release Preview now available on Microsoft Connect for OEMs and TAP

    I have been waiting for RP for long time. Just be quick...
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    Re: exact day of windows 8 RP releasing

    On Friday? I would like to download it the first time! I will be waiting.
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    exact day of windows 8 RP releasing

    I am thinking about the exact day of windows 8 RP releasing. They just say RP will come out in the first week of June. Which day? Does microsoft have rumour about the exact time? I am looking to...
  16. Re: Unable to access the internet after installing a few drivers

    You could also check your update history, right click on the updates, and select VIEW DETAILS.
  17. Re: Photo app always asks me to install the newest version

    Hi Christensen, have your fixed this problem? If not, try to reinstall the photo app to see if the issue persists.

    To uninstall the app, right-click on it and select uninstall.

    To re-install...
  18. Re: Error code 0x81000019 when trying to make a backup

    Make sure the VSS service is started.

    Press Windows Key + R, type services.msc and hit enter.

    Right click on VSS Services and click on Start.

    Hope that works.
  19. Re: error after changing login password in windows 8

    If you are using a Windows Live ID, then you need to use the same password for the Windows Live ID to login to the Windows.

    If you want to change the password, then you need to change the password...
  20. Sticky: Re: Steps to install Win 8 RP when it is released. Read BEFORE you download the iso f

    Hi Ted, thanks for post. Good post! I will have a try.
  21. Re: How can i change the password without logging windows 8?

    Someone has the same issue. Try to login by entering the first 16 characters of password.
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    Re: Windows 8 not booting on windows 7

    Have you tried Startup Repair? If that does not help, I guess you have to re-install OS. Windows 8 RP would be released soon, you can get a clear installation then. All problems would be fixed.
  23. Re: Xbox Live Games can't sign in - code : 0xc00d1388

    The preview for Xbox LIVE on Windows 8 is available initially in four countries (France, Germany, Japan and the USA)
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    Re: audio service is not running in windows 8

    Were there any recent changes made on the computer prior to the issue?
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    Re: How to change Windows 8 CP Startup Sound

    The startup sound for Windows 8 Consumer preview is default by design and cant change. :(

    Maybe microsoft should give more options on this function.
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