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    Re: Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8

    hello USB,

    I want to have a try. But Are you sure there is not any problem of both windows 8 and IE 10?
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    Re: Building Windows 8 System Image

    Hi Images,

    Create the image in windows 8 step by step:
    Click on Start go to Getting Started and then select Back up your files.
    Next click on the Create a system image hyperlink.
    Decide where...
  3. Re: Windows Media Player on Windows 8 often not Work

    Hello HongMay,

    I met the same problem with you. After my checking, i find it was the anti-virus software in my PC that caused the problem. You can have a try. Good luck.
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    Need to Change the Size of Virtual Memory?

    Hi all,

    Recently i received warnings that my virtual memory is low. Do i need to increase the minimum size of my paging file?

    Any advice? Thanks.
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    Re: How many partitions in windows8?

    Hi windows8,

    Usually there can be four primary partitions. One of them can be an extended partition, which can contain any number of logical partitions. You do not need to keep all your...
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    Re: Free Windows 8 Trial Download

    Hello tiral,

    The next in line operating system from Microsoft is hot in news these days. That is Windows 8. Meanwhile, according to some reliable source, Windows 8 will come together with IE 10.
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    Re: Delete Files Not Completely in Windows8

    Hello beta,

    You can use the tool Eraser to delete files completely. It can delete the files permanently and make them unrecoverable. Why complete? Because apart from the context menu option, it...
  8. Re: Black Screen after Installing Windows 8, Why?

    Hi task,

    Please solve your problem step by step:
    1. Save the Autounattend.xml answer file and the latest graphics driver to a USB flash drive, for doing so you have to copy an Autounattend.xml...
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    Re: QQ Video Chat with Windows 8

    Hello online,

    I met the same problem with you. I update the sound card driver, and then my QQ friends can hear my voice. Maybe you can hava a try...

    Good luck!
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