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    Re: music player problem on windows 8

    Hi ejeir, just keep in your mind, the Music and Video Metro Apps are just previews of the Apps and are not fully functional.
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    Sticky: Re: Master List of Game Support (Sticky Please)

    Angry Birds, Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Space... all working
  3. Windows 8 Defender won't update - 80070666 error

    I am running Windows 8 Customer Preview 32 bit but Windows Defender won't update and get 80070666 error. I've searched this problem for a long time and many people have the same problem, still no...
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    Still pretty happy with Win8.

    Still pretty happy with Windows 8 and what I am seriously concerned about is my privacy in Windows 8. If MS invaded my privacy, I will downgrade to WINDOWS 7.
  5. Microsoft says the Start Button is not coming back

    CFO and Chief Marketing Officer Tami Reller confirmed to Investment Firm Nomura that the Start menu would not be coming back to Windows 8.:mad:
  6. How to edit Power User Tasks Menu in Windows 8?

    Microsoft has hidden a fun power user tasks context menu behind the new Start thumbnail tip in the new OS. anyone know how to edit it the new OS? many thanks in advance.
  7. How to show hidden files, folders and drivers in Windows 8?

    Hey people,

    By default hidden files and folders are not visible and this is a preferred way for most users.

    Open the Control Panel, then click" show hidden files and folders" in the Folder...
  8. Windows 8-unable to get the VirtualBox GuestAdditions to install

    I love VirtualBox and installed Win8 CTP x86 on it. However, I seem to be unable to get the VirtualBox GuestAdditions to install. Is this a known issue?
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    IObit Malware Fighter on Windows 8

    IObit Malware Fighter is the most efficient way to keep my PC safe from internet nasties and I am planning to install it on my Windows 8, can I do that? any suggestion?
  10. How to repair a corrupt Windows 8 installation?

    any suggestion on this problem?
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    Standard VGA Graphics Adapter Windows 8

    About 4 days ago, i upgraded my Windows XP to Windows 8 it somehow screwed up my computer. My graphics are so bad that i can't play simple games and i know that my graphics card used to work...
  12. Re: A free driver update software for your Windows 8

    Hey Shaan, make sure you've upgraded to the latest driver for Windows 8.
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    Re: dont work sound drivers via ?

    check your sound driver, then download the latest from its official site. Or download a third party software (such as driver update software) which could automatically update your drivers.
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    Re: windows 8 security popup

    Have you installed some applications or software on your pc recently?
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    Re: Windows Xp to 8, Screwed up my audio drivers

    make sure you have upgrade your sound drivers to the latest after installed Windows 8.
  16. Do I need a Microsoft account to use the Windows Store?

    Yes. With a Microsoft account, you can see all of the apps you bought from the Store and you can install any of those apps on up to five PCs.

    To sign up for a Microsoft account

    1. Open Windows...
  17. Microsoft Office 2007 can't work in Windows 8?

    Why my OFFICE 2007 can't work in Windows 8 Customer Preview 32 bit? I've installed Microsoft office 2007 on win 8 but can't open files with excel. BTW, it can open files with word. Tried many times...
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    How to activate Win8 DP 32-bit version?

    Yesterday I installed Windows 8 Customer Preview from the DVD, but was not prompted for a product key. It keeps telling me that its not activated and will expire tomorrow! When I click the Activate...
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