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    Windows 8 survey- half prefer Windows 7

    HONG KONG, Sep 26, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) --, the largest Windows 8 help and support forum on the Internet, recently polled Windows 8 users on their feelings regarding Microsoft's...
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    Re: Weather app doesn't update its Live Tile

    Hi, terry, 0x8024402c always happened to Windows Update. This issue may occur if proxy or firewall settings are configured incorrectly. In this case, the connection on the client computer to the...
  3. Windows 8 tutorials: How to Install Windows 8 Release Preview on VirtualBox

    Hi all,

    Here I post a thread about how to install windows 8 release preview on VirtualBox.

    how to install windows 8 release preview on VirtualBox.
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    Re: Windows 8 virtualization installation

    Hi Phd,

    Welcome to our forum.

    I got two blogs for your reference.

    Have You Tried Windows 8 Enterprise RTM on Latest VirtualBox 4.2?

    How to Install Windows 8 Release Preview on...
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    Re: Can not connect to cisco VPN

    Hi Vatan, welcome to our forum.

    I google this and find the fix. Try to change the registry entry for the VPN Client and viola, it works.
  6. Re: People & Messaging app not working propperly on RTM

    Apps of windows 8 have not finished. I suggest un-installing and re-installing app.
  7. Re: "Windows cannot be installed on this Disk, The selected disk has an MBR partition tabl

    How did you install? Did you burn the ISO to dvd? You need to do a clean install.
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    Re: Powerpoint does not allow me to edit it.

    Have you asked your friend to save the file as another powerpoint? I met same issue before. Save as another file, then ok.
  9. Re: Have black lines and spots on Start after installing the latest drivers from NVIDIA

    Have you tried to re-install the driver? I would suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the display card drivers in Windows 7 compatibility mode and check if that helps.
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    Re: All my apps crash

    You can try to Reset or Refresh your PC before reinstalling.

    Resetting your Windows 8 PC goes like this:
    The PC boots into the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE).
    Windows RE erases and...
  11. Re: When recording programs it says there will not be enough disk space

    Try adjusting the settings under Recording Defaults, such as the amount of time you want to keep a recorded program, the length of recording time before and after a scheduled broadcast, or the...
  12. Re: Music freezes and sometimes crashes when I try to access it from the metro interface U

    Try this:
    From the Metro Apps desktop type in "Windows Media Player", now select it and open it.
    Select your library, and try it out.
  13. Re: Music app will not play music from music folder

    Have you tried uninstalling the app, reboot and reinstall the app? Music app will not play .wma files (even though it should, and checked it is associated with music) and try to load another cd and...
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    Re: Can't connect to this network.

    I would suggest you to download the Network adapter drivers from the manufacturer’s website on a different computer and then, save the driver to an USB drive and install the drivers on the computer...
  15. Re: Conquer Online 2.0 on windows 8 release preview

    a) Locate the setup file for the game.
    b) Right-click on the file and click on ‘properties’.
    c) Click on the ‘compatibility’ tab and check the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and...
  16. Re: When I use any IM client Win 8 RP constantly freezes.

    Which version of IM client you are using? I suggest running a system maintenance troubleshooter to see what message you get.

    Also, re-install IM client to see if that helps.
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    Re: Windows 8 cant detect the wifi on/off

    I totally agree with Ted. Also, you need to install Wireless Network drivers in compatibility mode.
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    Re: screen resolution low in win8

    Hi layer,

    Welcome to our forum. Beyond the basic VGA screen resolutions, the available screen resolutions are a function of the installed graphics device.

    Firstly, you need to check and make...
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    Re: How to make Apps not to open full screen

    Hi Archa, Welcome to our forum.

    I dont think there is a way that can open an app not in full screen. But there is a way that snap 2 Apps or 1 app and 1 Desktop program, side by side on the...
  20. Re: windows 8 release preview won't install to my ssd drive

    Hi Evelyn,

    Welcome to our forum.

    See this thread if that helps you. Good luck.
  21. Re: "windows could not configure one or more system components"- windows 8 installation

    Welcome to the forum, Curtis.

    Its possible that the installation source is corrupt or defective. Try obtaining a new copy from Microsoft.
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    Re: window freeze when using google chrome

    Hello Jan,

    Welcome to our forum.

    I suggest uninstalling google chrome and re-installing it. If that does not help, get rid of chrome, I recommend Firefox.
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    Re: What is video tdr error?

    This is known as a TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) fault. What happens is the Graphics Display driver for the installed graphics card stops responding. When this happens, windows wil stop and...
  24. Re: Do you have any idea how to reduce the CPU use in windows 8?

    You may check:
    1)if your system requirements meet windows 8
    2) which process is using high CPU in task manager.
    3) if your PC has a virus.
  25. Re: Fails to install and stops at a black screen when installing windows 8 release preview

    I googled this issue. Somebody suggests using a Seagate ST31000528AS sata3 drive and removing the SSD drive. Hope that works.
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