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    Angry Windows Installer: Stay Down B****

    ok. I'm a programmer, so I have had a few extra tools to deal with this complete nonsense. Unfortunately, the problem is being enabled by the crap OS, so it has been a tough fight, to say the least. Here is the problem:

    Windows Intaller WILL NOT STOP RUNNING. It runs in the background, taking up collossal amounds to cpu. I'm so freaking irritated by this. I'm not installing anything, i am not uninstalling anything, and I did not start the damn thing, so why in hell is it running??

    Here is what I have done to try and solve it:

    - Terminated it from taskmanager (didn't work, it just restarted itself...)
    - Wrote a program that terminates a list of programs, as defined by me, every 10 seconds (for performance). I can turn it off so i can enable those programs if need-be.

    - Windows installer must have a brain, because after I though I beat it, it started to persistently start itself up. The instant it was terminated, it was started up. I wrote a batch file with over 200 "TASKKILL /IM "msiexec.exe" /F" commands to try to stop it (and it fought just as hard.... GO-FIGURE.) while I figured out how to turn the damn thing into a text file so it would be useless (just the name, nothing else). Saying that "windows Disagreed" is somwhat of an understatement... to say the least...

    - I wrote an executable to turn it into a text file... didn't work...
    - I went to services and disabled it... FINALLY. The damn thing didn't get back up...

    Now, I know that i "solved" it, but I don't want to perminently incapacitate it unless that's absolutely necessary. The damn thing wont stay down. IT SHOULDN'T BE INSTALLING ANYTHING! So, the question remains: Why, oh why, is it running in the first place??


    1. Is there anything I can do to make windows 8 understand that I'm the user, and it is the servant?
    2. Is there any way to shut msiexec.exe up, without perminently disabling the service?
    3. WTF is Windows' problem?! (im about to rip my hair out, it's been a wrestling match with it/me since I got the thing for christmas)

    Sorry if i use some strong language, but I've tried everything! I was an expert with windows 7. Windows 7 did whatever I asked it to do; nothing more and nothing less. Windows 8 seems to have a mind... All it's own...

    Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your help with this.

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    Default Re: Windows Installer: Stay Down B****

    I take that back... When I disable the service in msconfig, it re-enables it. I swear to god I'm about to wreck this thing.

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