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    Default Recovery disk ISO

    I was wondering if anybody here could point me in the direction of a recovery disk ISO? I rather foolishly tried to install Linux, a mistake at the best of times, which resulted in my computer failing to boot. I think the MBR has been munged, but I avoided damaging the recovery sector (I think). I didn't make a recovery disk beforehand. While Dell (the manufacturer) allow me to redownload this, I can only do so from the affected computer (which doesn't work). Nothing of value was on the computer prior to the installation of Linux.

    Is the recovery disk ISO legally available anywhere?

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    Can you get a copy of the Microsoft email you should have automatically received upon downloading win8? It provides a user-specific link for exactly that purpose. Medico posted this about that here a while back: "If you neglected to save your ISO file when you downloaded it you might still be in luck.

    Look in the email receipt you received from Microsoft after you bought Win 8 Pro

    Near the top is a link to download the ISO file using your key:

    If you need to download Windows, write down your new product key and enter it here.

    You can also use the link near the bottom of this email to buy a DVD and have it sent to you."

    Mine looks like this:

    If you need to download Windows, write down your new product key and enter it here.

    Summary of order: WD02337383 ************************************************** ************************That code, is the link
    Invoice date: 10/26/2012




    Unit Price

    Total Price

    Windows 8 Pro
    Product key:



    Seller of Record
    arvato digital services, llc
    29011 Commerce Center Drive
    Valencia, CA 91355

    Subtotal $39.99
    Tax $3.36
    Total $43.35

    Billing address Payment information Shipping method

    john werneken
    1910 todd rd
    WA 98661
    United States VISA
    john a werneken
    06/15 Digital delivery

    To always have the software as physical backup media at hand, order your personal backup DVD now.

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    You can also access your account online.
    Don't reply to this email - the address isn't monitored, and we won't be able to read or respond to your messages.

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Thread: Recovery disk ISO - Windows 8


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