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    Default Need help determining which app(s) causing disk access

    Hi there everyone,

    I've got a Win 8 Pro(64 bit) install(fully patched) that I use only for gaming. When I'm not playing a game on it, it's turned off. I run Panda Cloud Antivirus on it as well as checking periodically with SB S&D and Adaware. Everything to date has been clean.

    Over the last week or so, I've begun to notice long periods(over 15 minutes) of constant HD access, sometimes when I start up, but not always. Sometimes it will begin any time while it's turned on. For instance, it has been constantly accessing the drive for the last ten minutes. Shutting down the computer and restarting it didn't stop it. It simply resumed the disk access immediately upon coming back to the desktop.

    Even if an app with such a poor management of resources didn't bother me, the fact that during these periods of disk access, attempts to use the computer are futile force me to find out what's going on. Starting up a game, it may take 3-5 minutes to get to the splash screen.

    I would really like to find out what app is causing this access. I suspect Panda, but would really like to be able to see what's causing the problem without arbitrarily shutting down processes, hoping that it doesn't just happen to stop this problem while on any particular process. Is there a way I can do this? I would greatly appreciate any help or suggestions anyone might have.


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    Default Re: Need help determining which app(s) causing disk access

    Hi windows,

    For a start, you'd better run an antivirus scan, then download and run malwarebytes.

    Windows 8 Pro 64 bit is running on my HP laptop and i've installed Security 360 on it. every part works well and i've never attactted by any malwares. hope you can enjoy it.

Thread: Need help determining which app(s) causing disk access - Windows 8

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