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    Default Metro Internet Explorer has stopped working


    I have a problem with Internet Explorer in Metro. It has stopped working. The IE on the desktop is still working fine. If I click the IE icon in the start screen it doesn't do anything (other apps work fine). If I click a link in the mail app it doesn't do anything. I have restarted but still have this problem.

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    Default Re: Metro Internet Explorer has stopped working

    Unless you wish to do a Refresh or Reset or Reinstall, you might want to put up with this for a while. The Win 8 RP will be out in early June. This next beta will require a Clean install. Shortly after the Win 8 RP is released Win 8 CP will deactivate so you will have to Clean install Win 8 RP anyway.

    In the meantime just use the desktop version of IE 10. It has far more features anyway. The Metro version of IE is limited. No add ons are allowed at present. You can use WLM on the desktop. It also has far more features than the Mail app in Metro. Most of the Metro apps are far from complete. Those that actually use the Metro apps (Few people do at this time) are hoping they are more complete with the Win 8 RP release.

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    Default Re: Metro Internet Explorer has stopped working

    I'm hoping that the Metro Apps are working far better than now, and they should begin to, once Windows 8 RC is out. Still, it's going to take some fine tuning, but that shouldn't take long.

    Because by August, or late July, MS is going to have to submit the final product to the OEM's, who are going to have to make their customizations to it (more or less adding the usual crapware) & begin production. It would be my guess that the designs of many of the 1st round of Windows 8 computers are already deep into this stage. Computer production for the Windows 7 OS is probably already been cut back, & at some point, some models will be special order only.

    It is my hope that the Metro Apps does work properly, as my purchase decision will depend on a fully working OS. I can get around the touch screen deal, so will most desktop users. But the rest just has to work, & it's my belief in the end, that it will.


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