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    Default I can't access my files or anything else.

    Hi all,

    I am having a problem when I start my computer with windows 8 CP. After the fish loads, the screen goes black and cant go next step. I tired to refresh the computer. Now I cant acess my files or even my personal desktop. If I click administrator, I get an access denied message.

    It says refresh will not affect any files without losing photoes, musics, vidoes, and other personal files, but I cant acess to them.

    How can I fix the problem? Thanks.

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    Default Re: I can't access my files or anything else.

    Try right clicking on C:\ and select Properties, and then Security at the top.
    Select Advanced near the bottom.
    Near the top, click on CHANGE, next to Owner.
    Select Advanced again
    Select Find Now
    Scroll down the list, and select your User name.

    After this is complete, select your user name and select EDIT, and give yourself full permissions.

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    Default Re: I can't access my files or anything else.

    Did you have your data backed up any place? Win 8 CP is a beta OS. This is the biggest reason why it is strongly recommended that this OS is only used for testing purposes. You should not replace a released, operational OS with a beta OS. In a couple of months (first week in June) Win 8 CP has to be replaced with Win 8 RP (the next beta release) via a Clean Install. At that point you would loose every thing again. (The first problem was that you probably upgraded from Win XP or Win Vista or Win 7 rather than did a Clean Install and this gave a bad install from the get go)

    Does the OS boot at all? If so, can you do a Win key + E to open windows explorer. If so try to click on the C Drive in the right hand window, then users, then your user name to see if you can get to your files there. If so transfer them to a flash drive NOW!

    After you have your data moved to a safe location you need to reinstall the OS from scratch to clean it up. Download the iso file from MS burn it to DVD, boot to the DVD and choose the Custom (Clean) install method to choose where to install Win 8 CP. Install in the same partition the corrupted install is presently in. This will replace your corrupted install with a new pristine install of Win 8 CP. You will then have to install all your apps. Afterward you can then put your data back. Be sure to back up your data every day so that you always have a backup of the data. Since you are using a beta OS as your main OS, the flash drive will probably do as a temporary backup media, but backing up to a CD would be better, or to a separate partition or an Ext HD even better. That way when the Win 8 RP comes out in June, you can Clean install it and use the backed up data to put into it.

    I hope this helps some.

    The Terminator!

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    Default Re: I can't access my files or anything else.

    I am sorry to hear it, bice34. I have met same problem that comuter can go to next step after the fish comes, but I did not try refresh. Now it is ok, I just reboot the computer.

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