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    Default Overclocking i5 to 4ghz?

    Hi all,

    New to this forums and hope some one can help me in this overlocking problem. Many thanks in advance.

    my question is would my i5 last as long if I overclock to 4ghz w/ hyper 212 as it would if I didn't touch it and left the stock cooler? My tower has good airflow too. I want to overclock my 7850 as well.

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    Default Re: Overclocking i5 to 4ghz?

    Win 8 CP is a beta OS. You might be taking a big chance overclocking anything on it. This is not a complete OS yet. It will not be complete until later this fall.

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    Default Re: Overclocking i5 to 4ghz?

    No way, not on a beta OS! Not even with the Windows 8 RP coming in June.

    One only wants to do this type of thing on a stable (retail release) version of Windows. Hardware is expensive, especially the i5 & i7.

    As a general rule, most CPU's will last longer if not overclocked, running at it's native GHz. An i5 gives one plenty anyway, as I have one on my notebook, it runs at 2.66GHz, but has Turbo Boost to 2.90GHz. Plenty for me.

    Some desktop i5's has even more native processing power (higher GHz).


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