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    Default Windows 8 Dev Kit Only Does Metro Apps (Unless You Pay)

    Microsoft has said that the upcoming free version of its new Visual Studio 11 programming kit will only be used to build Windows applications with the new Metro touch interface that debuts with Windows 8. And some developers aren’t too happy about it.

    Those wishing to build traditional desktop apps for Microsoft’s Windows operating system will have to use the for-pay version of Visual Studio 11, an older version of the free tool, or some other tool entirely.

    The news was delivered last week, buried at the bottom of a webpage posted by Microsoft, but the developer world is just now waking up to the implications, as Ars Technica reported on Thursday.

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    Default Re: Windows 8 Dev Kit Only Does Metro Apps (Unless You Pay)

    There is another view of this that is somewhat contradictory to this article. In another forum there has been quite a discussion on this subject.

    I will continue with an open mind on all aspects of Win 8. There are so many negative reports that all seem contradicted by other reports. This is an unfinished OS that still has a long way to go. Let's give it a chance to see what else develops before we make up our minds whether it's good or bad.

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    Default Re: Windows 8 Dev Kit Only Does Metro Apps (Unless You Pay)

    I don't really see this as being negative. Many of today's free traditional desktop offerings (& some paid ones too) are pure junk anyway. Just look at the Giveaway of the Day site daily & see. There are literally hundreds of programs that falls in that category. These are the developers, for lack of better words, who will scream the loudest.

    On the other hand, there's also some good Windows programs, free & paid that we all use on a daily basis. If the article is true that the next Visual Studio developer/programming kit will cost $500, that's chump change. MS has what, 600 to 800 million Windows users, what's that going to add to the cost of a legit program? A nickel? Take the number of Windows users & divide it by $500, it's going to be no big deal.

    The developers that this will hurt the most are the ones who's software is crap, & always tries to sneak in toolbars or other unwanted software, to get paid a spiff for each one who installs the junk. Here's the definition of a "spiff". Note that this practice is questionable in nature, & is usually perceived as dishonest as well.

    Spiff - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If any developers are harmed by this, it will probably be the low rate ones anyway. This is a great thing to happen & worth the expense. The major players will continue to be here for us, $500 will be of no intimidation to them. It'll be a tax write off anyway.

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