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    Default Mountain Lion and Windows 8 - do you fear change?

    Apple's OS X Mountain Lion will launch Wednesday, so it's a good time for Windows users to peer across the border at what features in Mountain Lion might prove useful. Both Windows and Mac users have new operating systems on the horizon, with a raft of new features and improvements.

    There was a time when I'd get excited about such things, but these days I think I'm more worried about what they'll break.

    Like many people, my computer is my primary business tool rather than simply some toy for playing games and checking Facebook. I expect the more reliant people are on their computers for getting things done, the more reluctant they'd be to rush out and upgrade their operating systems on day one.


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    Default Re: Mountain Lion and Windows 8 - do you fear change?

    Personally I want to see a real improvement in the new OS not mostly a bunch of cosmetic stuff. This PC came with Vista. The first beta Windows 7 on a VM was better than the Vista host. So an upgrade there was a simple choice after dual booting and really comparing the 2. I see only a very small increase in Windows 8 speed. Personally I don't see anything worth upgrading since Hyper V isn't supported on this PC. I also wonder what they may be broken or changed. I see complaints about multiple monitor problems in Windows 8. I also have some software downloaded from give away of the promos that won't reinstall and some others that don't work on Windows 8.

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