Microsoft announced the arrival of a tablet called the Surface, a device that aims to siphon market share from Apple and Google, on Monday. Hayley Tsukayama reports:

Microsoft on Monday unveiled its own tablet that features the Windows 8 operating system in a late attempt to take on Apple and Google who are dominating the white-hot space. The Microsoft Surface stands out from other offerings, with a built-in kickstand and keyboard cover. But the Redmond software giant didn’t announce when the product would be available or a price tag, which left many questions surrounding the company’s ability to woo consumers away from a flood of competing devices.

There are two versions of the tablet, one for Windows RT and one with Intel chips to run Windows 8. The RT version will come in 32 GB and 64 GB models; the Windows 8 Pro version will run in 64GB or 128 GB flavors.