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    Default Dell unveils Windows 8 tablets, desktops

    Dell is ushering in the next era of always-connected touch-computing with a redesigned line of business and consumer devices that are optimized for Windows 8, including the Latitude 10 tablet, Latitude 6430u Notebook and OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One touch screen.

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    “The combination of new Dell hardware and Microsoft software will allow customers to create and consume content in new and exciting ways,” said Christopher Papa, Dell Philippines country manager.

    “We’re unveiling a comprehensive refresh of all our consumer and commercial products to take advantage of Windows 8. These stylish new products include clean and intuitive touch experiences, the security and manageability required by IT departments, and features to allow anytime, anywhere access to data and applications,” Papa said.

    Designed to plug-in easily into existing management consoles, the 10-inch Latitude 10 tablet is packed multi-media features and full compatibility with current Windows applications.

    This tablet will also feature an optional fingerprint and smart card reader for two-factor authentication in early 2013.

    The XPS 12 is a full-powered laptop that doubles as a fully-featured touch-powered tablet with its unique flip hinge touchscreen display.

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    According to Dell, the Latitude 6430u, the company’s first business Ultrabook, had taken a broad set of United States’ Military’s MIL-STD 810G standard durability tests than any other system in its class.

    “The Latitude 6430u is also the first to offer a wireless docking based on WiGig technology, which allows devices to communicate wirelessly at multi-gigabit speeds for data, video, and audio. With 10 hours of battery life on a single battery charge, the Latitude 6430u delivers all day battery life, crucial for road warriors and on-the-go executives,” Papa said.

    The 23-inch OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One preserves limited desk space while businesses incorporate touch interfaces into work environments. It also offers options for a multipoint touchscreen, fixed or rotating camera and an articulating stand and is optimized for Microsoft Lync to enhance the user’s work experience with Windows 8.

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    “Dell continues to address the requirements of consumers who desire innovative blends of style and performance, and IT which needs to support flexible, yet controlled, computing environments,” said Charles King, president and principal analyst, Pund-IT, Inc. “The new Windows 8-based XPS, Latitude and OptiPlex lineups should certainly appeal to consumers and IT alike. Dell’s solutions are designed to support the core security and manageability processes which concern business IT and are key to fulfilling the promise of BYOD.”

    Pricing for the Latitude 10 tablet starts at US$768, and Latitude 6430u at US$1,508. The OptiPlex 9010 All-in-One touch with camera starts at P48,885 while the XPS 12 starts at P65,990.


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    Default Re: Dell unveils Windows 8 tablets, desktops

    Looks like some nice computers. Now if only Dell would improve its poor customer service and tech support that company would really be doing itself a favor. Right now I laugh to myself when I hear about someone purchasing a Dell. Just pray that you don't need any support! As Dell stands right now, they will drive you crazy to get help. Then, maybe, they will help.


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