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    Default Dell Launches Windows 8-Ready Ultrabooks

    Dell launched formally a pair of Ultrabook laptops with more than enough performance to handle Microsoft's forthcoming Windows 8 operating system on Monday. But with Microsoft touting Win8's touch capabilities, the question is how many users will continue to want systems that limit them to keyboard, mouse, or touchpad interaction?

    The XPS 14 and XPS 15 both offer stylish, aluminum casing, Corning Gorilla Glass to the edges, and third-generation Intel Core chip technologies. Dell is aiming the former at road warriors who value portability over heavy-duty graphics and data crunching capabilities. The latter, at almost six pounds, is more of a desktop replacement.


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    Default Re: Dell Launches Windows 8-Ready Ultrabooks

    It does appear many are wondering what the OEM's will do after the notice of the Surface tablet, especially the Pro version. Those of us using laptops that seem to work well with Win 8 RP, even without the touch capabilities, will most likely be holding out for these type devices. Those with older H/W that does not do well with Win 8 RP may be interested in these Ultrabook type devices.

Thread: Dell Launches Windows 8-Ready Ultrabooks - Windows 8

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