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    Default Re: Windows 8 Pro pricing announced and what a deal! $39.99 USD

    No, that's in line, Ted. OR what each of us is saying is correct. All the points we raise are right nor are we saying to different things but, just covering all the angles.

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    Default Re: Windows 8 Pro pricing announced and what a deal! $39.99 USD

    One other angle, all Windows computers (except self built ones) built in recent years by the various OEM's, does have an "underlying" OS. The SLP keys in the BIOS (too long of a deal to explain here, Google it if interested) are permanently assigned to the computer, that is, unless there's a MB swap. In an emergency, this key can be used to reinstall Windows, but MS reportedly frowns on the practice. It's preferable to reinstall using the COA that the OEM affixed to the computer.

    Seems that the presence of this key is plenty enough, say in the event, someone didn't follow instructions & backup their current install prior to the Windows 8 CP or RP ones. Or is it?

    What LeBlanc was talking about in my post above, was a response to someone who wanted to dual boot (as I do). He stated that the System Builder edition would be needed for this, or to run in a VM. While it's true that there are restrictions on OEM (soon to be called System Builder with Windows 8), he did state that this is the way to go. His quote is in this article, & implied that this version could be installed in this manner.

    So far, what few articles I've read on the subject indicates that there are going to be no "Full" versions of Windows 8 or Win 8 Pro. Just the $40 one (less for those who buys computers during the current promo period) & System Builder. Pricing for System Builder is yet to be determined, but at time of purchase, our computers will be scanned & all options will be on the table, & then, we can make a decision as to what to do.

    Hopefully, all of this will be explained in depth prior to 10/26. There are many of us who has a significant investment in Windows 7, & will, at least until Win 8 SP1 is released, dual boot between the two, perhaps longer. This issue & the $40 offer's terms needs to be made perfectly clear. Of course, I can always install Vista alongside of 8 RP, & the deal will go through, but what will happen when I move my OEM version back to it's rightful position, to the left of Win 8 Pro, make necessary repairs, then reboot? Or would installing on separate HDD's be the way to go, & dodge the issue altogether. I can do this, no problem.

    I just don't want to be left sitting with 2 black screens, with the WGA watermark, telling me that I may be a victim of software counterfeiting. Actually, several asked about this & related questions on that blog, LeBlanc seems to be dodging more questions than providing answers, that is, the legit questions. The one quoted above was his most clear cut one on the issue.


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Thread: Windows 8 Pro pricing announced and what a deal! $39.99 USD - Windows 8

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