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    Default windows 8 has no internet access after upgrade

    Hi all,

    I have used installed for a few days. I upgraded today. But a problem comes. It did the final restart, i set up all my info, but the internet doesn't work. I ran all the troubleshooters, and it just told me that a network cable was unplugged or something. But I have never had a network cable plugged into my computer.

    How can I fix this? Thanks.

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    Default Re: windows 8 has no internet access after upgrade

    I upgraded today.
    <-- Please explain... you upgraded what, how?

    Uninstall the Net Adapter & reboot; @ the same time power cycle the modem & router... let the modem lock then, power the router.

    Now, try connecting, again.


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    Default Re: windows 8 has no internet access after upgrade

    Greetings keypaed,

    Have you tried running the setup for your sharing options? I know I had the same problem when I had to use the wifi on my computer back while ago. I only got unidintified network and no network what so ever.

    Goto Control panel -> Network and Internet -> HomeGroup and just run the setup from there.

    Allso check your Device Manager that your Wifi adapter is installed there.

    Goto Control Panel -> System and Security -> System -> Device Manager and check for your wifi adapters on the list.
    (You can allso just right click the "Computer" icon on your desktop or taskbar (if your have it there) and select Options, then goto Device Manager.

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